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Alberto Vásquez-Márquez, Ph.D. / President Dr. Vásquez-Márquez has over thirty years of experience in business and service chain optimization, including advanced production, scheduling and logistics. He is a founder of Optima Central which co-owns more than 70 wells in CO. He is a self-made oil and gas operator and entrepreneur. Companies founded by Dr. Vasquez cover the entire spectrum of property acquisition, development and operation for oil and gas properties. He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, while capable of reading French.
Dr. Vásquez-Márquez received his Ph.D. in Engineering Science with concentration in Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as an M.S. in Operations Research and Statistics and Industrial and Management Engineering. He received his B.S. in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Universidad Ibero Americana.

Diego A. Vasquez, Geologist / Vice President of Operations
Mr. Diego Vasquez holds a BS in Geology with a minor in environmental engineering and a minor in public health, as well as a MS in Geology from the University of Rochester. He also holds a MS in Geospatial Technology from the University of Southern California where he has won numerous professional awards. He has applied his technical expertise directly to the energy sector continually researching and working to improve interdisciplinary solutions for petroleum operations.

His intensive experience with data analysis, data visualization, and information management, tailored for reservoir characterization and geological analyses, geomodelling, and reservoir evaluation has provided him with an extensive background in petroleum geology and petroleum engineering skills. In addition, his experience in field operations, including assistant engineering for production optimization and field development, has enhanced his ability to achieve the goal of using advanced technology for successfully implementing safe and effective practices for oil and gas exploration and extraction. Diego also has experience participating in international projects and he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Margot Jaen De Vasquez / Director Of Administration And Finance
Margot has an extensive background in administration and management. This experience is supplemented by broad skills in customer relations and organizational skills. Margot is also a successful support for the new generations of the Vasquez legacy. Her keen sense of organization has made it possible to build a practice with diverse business initiatives.

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In addition to our management team, we also contract experts in certain geographical areas to advise us and our investors. These experts include geologists, petroleum engineers, drilling companies, and any other personnel needed relating to our activities.
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